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Estradi performance benchmarking system is targeted for regional trade promoting and development agencies. It is a result of a joint development project between ten Finnish development agencies, the Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities and Antrea Solutions Oy. Today the Estradi community has several years of experience in using the system and there is a growing number of members. The system is used with an Internet browser and does not require any software installations.

Measuring, tracking and evaluating the results of operations is today a part of the daily life of successful companies. Estradi is based on the advanced AntS Measure™ product from Antrea Solutions Oy and is designed to cover the needs of a modern regional development or trade promoting agency in controlling results, measuring operations and areas of comparison. Unlike most other scorecard applications, Estradi has a built in feature which allows an agency to compare its operations with other agencies.

Estradi can be easily translated to other languages. If you are interested in building up a benchmarking community in your country or region, please contact us at

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